CET Retention Tanks

Our range of CET tanks for new rolling stock is extensive and incorporates all of the very latest technology, including level probes and heaters.

Each tank can be custom designed and tailored for compatibility with the rolling stock to ensure improved functionality and reliability throughout its service life.

Many train operators have rolling stock fleet which was built before 1988 and as a result, they are now faced with the problem of retrofitting Controlled Emission Toilets into a fleet which was never designed to have this feature.

GBR-Rail therefore offers a full retrofit service of CET tanks, working with each individual train operator to design and manufacture a solution which will stand up to the rigorous demands placed upon them.

Whether we are providing a new or retrofit solution each tank is custom designed for compatibility with the rolling stock, ensuring that reliability and performance is guaranteed. We also offers a full refurbishment facility of all CET tanks.

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